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It was decided in summer 2004 that a banner should be made for the Church to celebrate 100 years of the Guild in Callander. A group of Guild members met to discuss how we should go about it. Some were interested in the designing, some in the sewing and some were interested in both. We talked about what the Guild had meant to its members over the changing years and after 4 meetings we started to pull together some ideas.

We felt that the banner had to indicate that it was unique to Callander and so the River Teith , the Norman Pool and the Ben were included in the design. Early in the discussions, it was agreed that what made the Guild different from other ladies’ groups was the importance of the faith of its members and their commitment to that faith. There had to be a  cross  on the banner to indicate that faith.

This then led us to discuss-

1)Psalm 1 which talks about the tree growing beside the river;

2)the story of Jesus and the woman of Samaria when he spoke of the ‘water of life’ ;

3)the last chapter of Revelation where there is a picture of the water of life flowing from the throne of God.

So the river now had a second meaning; the idea being that the source of strength and growth for the Guild members came from that life-giving water. That is why, on the banner, the river starts at the cross. The water produces growth ( the tree ) and the tree produces fruit.

The aims of the Guild are worship, prayer and service and we decided that these words should be incorporated on the tree as fruit.

We were happy when we had reached this stage and then came the decision to include the Guild Motto “Whose we are and whom we serve”. Finally,  it was decided to add Callander Guild    1905----2005.

We then took our ideas and some very rough drawings to John Forrest and we cannot thank him enough for the way in which he put all the ideas together and so ably designed our present banner.

Several more weeks of checking samples and colours of materials, some advice from Margaret Brown and experienced banner makers from Duntocher and we were ready to put the whole thing together.

Working with one another has been a happy time of friendship and fellowship and we hope that the banner shows clearly what the Guild has meant to the churches in Callander since it first started in St Kessog’s  100 years ago.