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Callander Kirk    
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May this eternal truth be always on our hearts

That the God who breathed this world into being

Placed stars into the heavens

And designed a butterfly's wing

Is the God who entrusted his son

to the care of ordinary peoplebecame vulnerable that we might know

how strong is the wonder of Love

A mystery so deep it is impossible to grasp

A mystery so beautiful it is impossible to ignore

I thank you Lord for the water

that I have used this day.

I would be hard pushed

to account for every drop

for it was not hard earned.

Bless babies, children and adults

who have no easy access to clean water.

Bless the work and workers

Of Water Aid, Oxfam, Christian Aid

and all the charities and organisations

That enable life-giving water projects.

I promise, God, I will do what I can.